Monday, 22 September 2008

Watching Video Clips

Something that slightly annoys me is the inability to watch video clips, MP4s and the like, which seem to work on my desktops that run Arch. Maybe I have overlooked something. I will start by following the instructions on how to set up Arch Linux for dvd ripping. It can't hurt, and after all, it's only going to take up hard drive space, yes ?

Well, It may not have hurt, but it still doesn't work. Shades of Mr John Major .

OK then, I am getting an error message from the Totem Movie Player 2.22.2 using GStreamer 0.10.20 and GNOME telling me "The playback of this movie requires a H.264 MPEG-4 AAC decoder plugin which is not installed". The desktop that does play it has the totem-xine package so let's try a little more jiggery and pokery ...

A swift "sudo pacman -S totem-xine" removes the Gstreamer version, loads the Xine version, and ... and ...

And PRESTO it works (!)

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