Sunday, 14 September 2008

Boot with an old style ISOLINUX image, methinks

Time to see if an old-style ISOLINUX image will work.

OK I have tried to make a USB stick with an Arch Linux image pre 2008-06 on it, and I have failed most miserably. I tried following the instructions for building a usb stick the 'old way', mounting the stick, using mkdosfs on it, mounting the ISO as a looped file system and copying the files over. All was to no avail, I kept getting repeated 'cp operation not permittted cannot set ownership' errors.

In the end I found only one way to force the webbook to boot an Arch system.

Using the Arch Linux website I found an Arch mirror and downloaded the ISO of the 2007-08-02 core ISO, burned THAT to a cd-rom, fetched out the Maplin dongle i referred to earlier, plugged in a spare CD-ROM drive removed from an old desktop, loaded the newly burned cd and hit the webbook's ctrl-alt-delete.


The familiar boot / install legend spluttered into life. I'm on the way now.

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