Monday, 15 September 2008

Wader and Wader-gtk

OK then, this is it. Time to confront the elephant in the room.

Pivotal to what I want to do with the webbook is the mechanism by which the thing can establish a connection to the big bad world via a broadband usb dongle. In my case an orange Icon-225 broadband usb dongle but we live in hope of it working with others as well.

The ubuntu build came with a prebuilt wader and wader-gtk package from warp networks. I am going to have to build it from the ground up and it probably isn't going to be easy.

Edit September 22nd.

Well this is where it gets tough. The source code for the wader package seems to have been stored here on "launchpad" where I find a total of six "packages" listed in alphabetical order
  • dbus-python-0.82.-1ubuntu2~ppa1
  • hso-1.3.1
  • hsolink-
  • pydoctor-0.2.0+svn56371-1
  • usbmodeswitch=
  • wader-0.2.2-1
As this has all been built for debian / ubuntu I am guessing I will have to start over pretty much from the beginning. From a brief scrutiny of the packages my first assessment is as follows :-
  • The dbus-python and pydoctor packages are there to extend python to cater for operation of the wader utiluty.
  • hso is a kernel module permitting operation of the high speed g3 modem. This is going to be the fun part of the setup, I can tell (!)
  • hsolink is a utility that permits the IP setup of the G3 modem
  • usbmodeswitch is a utility that flicks the ZeroCD usb 3G stick from CD to modem.
  • And wader is the python utility that does the rest.


johnvoisey said...

Right then.

I am assuming the arch linux command pacman -S python dbus python will install the software in the Arch repository that is the equivalent of the "debianised" dbus-python module. We will soon see (!)

alan.bell said...

you might be better off building from one of the newer snapshots or the trunk here is the development website for wader
and here is my webbook blog I will try and find room for a blogroll, your project looks very interesting.

Pablo said...

Hi John,

I'm the lead devel of Wader. Why don't you pop by the -devel mailing list and I assist you there?