Tuesday, 16 June 2009

One Ubuntu Forward, All Fall Down

Oh dear.

Things in ArchWebBookLand are far from rosy. Network Connectivity through the Option Icon 225 stick has evaporated.

For some time now I have been enjoying a certain amount of success with the elonex web book working the way the manufacturers expected when they supplied it to me. It all started to "go right" the day I finally found someone in Elonex support who understood what a linux system was. Even better, they sold me a little white usb stick on a wrist-strap for next to nothing which they claimed to have a "factory install" on it. Out came the original hard drive, the one that self-destructed a few days after I took delivery of the machine, and on went the new image ....

That was when I found the PING system on this little white USB strap had a corrupt image so it only got 40% of the way through the overwrite process, and then died leaving me with a little white housebrick.

However a subsequent telephone call to Elonex to explain this got me a profound apology followed a week later by a second usb drive free of charge, and this one worked. It didn't have any of the very handy aircrack software that was on the original image though, and in fact it was intrepid ibex not the hardy heron that came originally, but it worked and there's a neat little distro called slitaz that I have found fits comfortably on a 256MB usb pendrive that does the air crack thing.

So, all is sweetness and light and I can close this blog down then, I'm back in the ubuntu fold with a fully working web book ?

Er ... not quite.

Three weeks after I got the webbook "sort of" the way Alan intended, I was sitting in the car in the Vale of Glamorgan, in a layby, dealing with my email - as you do - when I foolishly allowed the ubuntu system updater to update the webbook. And when it had done so, I rebooted. And then, every time I inserted the Option Icon 225 stick, the web-book would stay working for perhaps 30, maybe even 45 seconds after it established a network connection.

And then it would freeze solid. I waited for weeks for an update to come that sorted it out. It never did.

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