Sunday, 11 July 2010

Ubuntu 10:04 LTS Up and running

Yes I know this blog was put together to cover ARCH Linux on the Web Book, but I've been running it with two interchangeable drives. one Arch, the other Ubuntu, for a while now, and recently the 10.04 LTS release came out.

So I decided I would go for it.

It almost ended in disaster. The "Jaunty" image update manager told me the upgrade was available, so I picked my moment, archived anything I felt I could not afford to kiss bye-bye, and hit the "go" button.

It downloaded about 1390 packages, taking about two hours. It took about another three to install them, and then it rebooted, and worked.

Except "System => About Ubuntu" told me I was still running jaunty. Hmmm.

About a WEEK later the Update Manager told me 10.04 LTS was available AGAIN.

So I went for it AGAIN.

This time it wanted to download over 1900 packages, and took ages about it, and when it was done, the machine had a black screen of death and wouldn't respond to anything.

On reboot, the screen stayed in text mode, complained "udevd[20421]: specified user 'usbmux' unknown" and that was the start of a descent into hell.

The machine made a lot o complaints in a "text" mode, and eventually allowed me to see a login prompt, but the machine was incapable of doing almost anything.

My salvation was when I decided to force a "sudo apt-get upgrade". It started, and immediately whinged that I needed to run "sudo dpkg -configure -a"

So I did. Followed by a "sudo apt-get update" and a "sudo apt-get upgrade".

It whined and whirred a LOT. And when it had finished, here I was !!

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